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Shanghai Heyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to developing, manufacturing, sales and service of logistics equipment and automation equipment. The company in line with the "science and technology for the development of the root, quality for the survival of the" corporate culture, relying on the company with the industry technology leader, with the company's professional and technical personnel and excellent sales and after-sales service team, to provide customers with high quality and reliable products, professional service.
Combined machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. founding team as early as in 2003, and the world's leading electric hoist and crane manufacturer Stahl CraneSystems company cooperation, the earliest will Steyr products introduced to the Chinese market, and actively promote the Steyr products in China of all walks of life. At the same time, the company is also CraneSystems STAHL company in the world's first technical service partners, to provide customers with the world's most advanced logistics products, to solve customer problems encountered in the automation of air transport problems, improve and improve the customer's production efficiency and labor costs, to ensure the safety and efficiency of material handling, and provide professional technical support and product life maintenance.
CraneSystems STAHL's long history can be traced back in 1876, the initial product is the field of textile industry, the first 1903 production of the first ring chain electric hoist; from 1921 onwards, the company began to explosion-proof electrical equipment and lifting equipment for the main development. We are committed to provide perfect crane transportation plan and crane technology for a variety of products for customers, from the hoist chain hoist, steel wire rope hoist and safe load up to 160 tons of winch) to crane system and system solutions, has been to the state monitoring system. Until today, CraneSystems STAHL has become the leading provider of the world's leading technology and the world's leading provider of heavy equipment.
Our products almost in all areas of industrial application, mainly concentrated in the aviation, large-scale shipbuilding, automobile, locomotive, papermaking, ports, chemical, petrochemical and natural gas industry and major investment fields, China has established a good cooperation relations with customers include: Boeing, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen, Zhenhua Port machinery, the Asia Pacific paper, Bayer, BASF and Sinopec, PetroChina and so on. Our products with its excellent safety and reliability won the loyal support of our customers.


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