Design principle of electric hoist lifting motor

We all know that the electric hoist is the key to the whole hoist work, which is why we say that the motor is the "heart" of electric hoist, then the design principle of the motor:
Main circuit work principle: isolation switch QS1 closed, circuit breaker QF1 closed, then if the contactor KM1 is also closed, the thermal relay FR1 KM2 is power, motor M1 is to achieve a rising function; conversely, if it is closed, then the motor M1 reverse to achieve a fall. In the rising process, the protection of a brake electromagnetic brake HB1 set in the lifting mechanism. Purpose is to prevent the weight drop in the process of rising. Electromagnetic brake circuit and the lifting motor circuit in parallel, so as long as the lifting motor start, electromagnetic brake release, heavy lift up and down freely; when the shut off the motor and the solenoid brake power, the electromagnetic force disappears, in under the action of a pressure spring, both inside and outside the disk is tightly pressed, the braking effect.


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